nedjelja, 30. ožujka 2014.


Hey guys don't you just looove pencil skirts?I know I do and today I'm wearing on of my favourite pieces this spring this amazing SHEINSIDE skirt.They are also one of the best on-line stores on the market today so don't forgt to visit them and if you want to see this skirt or other of their amazing items please just  CLICK HERE

I must admit I got these things yesterday and I had to have them on me today so if you like any of pieces on me just click on the links at the end of the post.

DressLily also gave me this beautiful bag and I can't get enough of it!
If you like it please just CLICK HERE.
If you like my top just CLICK HERE , I got it from ROMWE.

petak, 28. ožujka 2014.

Sammy dress skirt

As you may notice pink is one of my favourite color and I'm not trying to hide it!
So today I choose this amazing skirt  from Sammy dress and I simply looove it.
If you wish to have the same skirt as me just CLICK HERE

četvrtak, 27. ožujka 2014.


It's a bit  chilly these days so I decided to wear this amazing mustard jacket from last year.
This is actually the first time for me to wear it but I must admit it was worth waiting,I loove this combo of colors,hope you will guys like it as much as I do !
Have a great day!

utorak, 25. ožujka 2014.

Beige and black + ROMWE GIVEAWAY !

Hey guys so as always ROMWE decide to be generous once again.If you read this whole post at the end you will find the instructions what and how to get it!
First of all my new outfit post,hope you guys like it :)

nedjelja, 23. ožujka 2014.

My way of casual

Hey guys ,this Sunday was perfect for my way of casual.
Black 'n white on me today ,you don't see it that often,what can I say I'm unpredictable :)

petak, 21. ožujka 2014.

Touch of pink

Not much to say today.
I bought everything in New Yorker except shirt ,you can find it on FRONT ROW SHOP
Have a nice day guys :)

četvrtak, 20. ožujka 2014.

PROM Wishlist for Milly Bridal

Since prom day is getting closer every day I decided to help all of you pretty girls out there.
 Milly Bridal is the place to be or the store to shop in :D
I found it few days ago and I was  amazed by the offer of    wedding ,prom and special occasion dresses.
So if you are preparing for a prom or a wedding you must visit Milly Bridal
And the best thing is they can custom made dress according to your size and your wishes.
They actually have SALE these days so grab your prom dress before somebody else steal it !
Here are some of my favourites :

srijeda, 19. ožujka 2014.

2 IN 1 ,1 sweatshirt 2 outfits!!!

I've got this amazing sweatshirt from CHOIES yesterday and I couldn't wait to wear it so I decided to do 2 outfit posts in this sweatshirt becouse it's perfect for a lot of different styles.The original is from Zara but this one is almost the same as the original.If you like to check it out just CLICK HERE 
So which one is your favourite?

utorak, 18. ožujka 2014.


Today I will present TIDESTORE to you guys.I have discover them recently and I love their offer,very cute and cheap stuff just the way I like it :)
Here are some of my favourite picks:
Here are something that can help you if you are looking for fashion dressess (just click on the keyword):
Cheap Maxi Dresses
Korean fashion
Bohemian Clothes


Hey guys since a lot of you are asking me about jeans from THIS post I decided to do wishlist for PERSUNMALL ,I have picked my favourite pieces CLICK HERE to choose yours.


ponedjeljak, 17. ožujka 2014.

Play it simple part II

Hey guys this post is very similar to THIS post few days ago,but I'm in love with this shirt and I can't help it so thanks to LOVELY SHOES  I have this amazing shirt in blue color also,if you like any piece on me just CLICK HERE and HERE becouse my completely outfit is from LOVELY SHOES 

nedjelja, 16. ožujka 2014.

Remember Yves!

Hey guys this was perfect sunday for shooting my newest outfit,the light was perfect and so was the weather.
The biggest thanks goes to Persunmall and Front row shop for these amazing pieces on me today.
As you may notice jeans with patch are very popular this season and if you want to get same as I have or to check some other just CLICK HERE or you want this amazing Remember Yves shirt CLICK HERE .
Enjoy :)

četvrtak, 13. ožujka 2014.

Play it simple

Hey guys it's time for my newest outfit post,I've been searching for perfect lace shirt for a very long time and finally I find it at OASAP .
They have been so nice and I love the shirt ,it's more than I have expected becouse it's great quality and if you want to check it out you can do it by clicking HERE

ponedjeljak, 10. ožujka 2014.


Hey guys it is time to announce winner from my last giveaway by ROMWE and lucky bastard is:
Debora Ferri
On GFC: debby_f

Now it's time to reward you guys once again !
This time one lucky winner will get this amazing COCO MADE ME DO IT shirt.

COCO MADE ME DO IT” Black T-shirt Giveaway! Open worldwide!
How to get:
Add a comment on the product page via Facebook account to show your love to the Tee :
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1 lucky winner will be picked 5 days later. 
Btw, the cool tee will be only $9.99 on 13th March GMT.
Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans10%offcoco
It can save you another 10% for the cool tee on 13th March only.
The winner will be announced 5 days from now,good luck guys :)

nedjelja, 9. ožujka 2014.

Chic rock

I love mixing different styles and colors especially pink and blac so today's outfit is based on these 2 colors.
And of course big thanks goes to Choies this time for this amazing cap I'm wearing today :)

srijeda, 5. ožujka 2014.


Hey guys todays post will be  dedicated to  2 most popular stores at this moment: ROMWE and CHOIES.

 First of all I want to thank CHOIES on this amazing sweater on me today becouse I have been searching  it for months and Choies gave me chance to have it in my collection,it is so comfy and great quality.
You can find it by clicking HERE

Last but not least,
ROMWE has prepared as always special offer you just can't miss out!
This item you must have!
Romwe Off-white Aztec Tribal Cardigan.$15.99 on 6th March only!
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Picture of this sweater you can see at the end of this post,and don't forget to join my GIVEAWAY and get it for free!The seller will be announced in 2 days from now!
Enjoy my outfit post :)

nedjelja, 2. ožujka 2014.


Hey guys remmember THIS giveaway few days ago .Well it's time to announce the winner and the lucky bastard is: JOY ,email
Please just send me mail with your adress ,my email is
Since you have been very agile ROMWE decided to give you one more chance to win some beautiful piece from their store:)
This time ROMWE has prepared this amazing sweater and one lucky winner will be announced 5 days from now and one more information:
All you have to do to get this sweater is:
 Romwe Aztec Tribal Cardigan Giveaway!Open worldwide & Free shipping!

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Btw, the cardigan will be only $15.99 on 6th March GMT. Save 54%.

Now it's time for my new outfit post in my favourite dress,hope you like it :)